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Author: Pike, Zebulon Montgomery
Date: 1810
Short Title: Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana.
Publisher: Phila: C. & A. Conrad
Type: Book Map
Obj Height cm: 44
Obj Width cm: 39
Scale 1: 2,550,000
Note: A detailed uncolored map showing the route of the American Exploring Party as well as the route "pursued by the Spaniards going out." Spanish and Indian villages, Spanish and American camps shown as well. The northeast corner of the map includes "Highest Peak" eventually to be known as "Pike's Peak."
Reference: Wheat 297-9; WC 9:1; cf P11024.
Country: Mexico
State: Louisiana ; New Mexico
Full Title: A Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana, Including all the hitherto unexplored Countries, lying between the River La Platte of the Missouri on the N: and the Red River on the S: the Mississippi East and the Mountains of Mexico West; with a Part of New Mexico & the Province of Texas by Z.M. Pike Captn. U.S.I.
List No: 0730.003
Series No: 4
Engraver or Printer: Freeman, Thos. ;
Printer: Dunbar, Wm. ; Wilkinson, Lieut. ; Many, Capt. ; Lewis, M. ; Bradley
Publication Author: Pike, Zebulon Montgomery
Pub Date: 1810
Pub Title: An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi, and Through the Western Parts of Louisiana, to the Sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun, Rivers; ... During the Years 1805, 1806, and 1807. And a Tour Through the Interior Parts of New Spain, When Conducted Through These Provinces, by order of The Captain-General, in the year 1807. By Major Z.M. Pike. Illustrated by Maps and Charts. Philadelphia: Published by C. & A. Conrad & Co. No. 30, Chesnut Street. Somervell & Conrad, Petersburgh. Bonsal, Conrad, & Co. Norfolk, and Fielding Lucas, Jr. Baltimore. John Binns, Printer....1810.
Pub Reference: Wheat 297-9; WC 9:1; cf P11024.
Pub Note: The five maps which accompany Pike's report are of great importance, especially the two maps of Louisiana which Wheat calls "maps of outstanding historic interest... beautifully drawn." Pike's map of New Spain was copied from Humboldt's manuscript map, although Humboldt did not publish his map until 1811. All maps uncolored and bound into the back of the book. Full leather covers with "Pike's Expeditions" imprinted on the spine.
Pub List No: 0730.000
Pub Type: Exploration Book
Pub Maps: 6
Pub Height cm: 22
Pub Width cm: 14
Image No: 0730003
Institution: Rumsey Collection
Ownership Statement: Copyright 1998






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