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Antique Map Fair



1. Table will be staffed by at least one member of the RMMS during hours of operation. All those selling items at the member table will be expected to volunteer one or more hours. Member need not be present for the sale to occur.

2. Appropriate material for the sale includes antique maps (no modern reproductions); map related books, such as books on map collecting or antique books with maps included; and other antiques relating to mapping, such as surveying equipment, drafting tools, etc.

3. All material being sold is to be packaged by the owner in a fashion that will allow potential buyers to handle the material – e.g. conservation bags, encapsulation, foam board and shrink wrap, etc. Any loose maps will be displayed and handled at the seller’s risk.

4. All items must be priced and have owners name on item or packaging material (sticky labels for application to packaging will be available at the member table).

5. Payment will be by cash or check (checks will not be verified and seller is responsible for bad checks).

6. An envelope will be provided to store payment(s) for each member.

7. The member managing the sale table will sell items at the listed price only. Only the owner of an item can negotiate discounts from the asking price.

8. Buyers will be given a sales receipt to allow for verification of sale. The receipt book will also serve to track sales for the members.


The member sale table will be operated by the map society as a service to members wishing to sell maps. Every effort will be made to protect and care for the map materials. Owners are responsible for damage, loss or bad checks.