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Rocky Mountain
Antique Map Fair 2003
Dealer Information

We project a modest growth in the number of attendees. We anticipate in excess of 400 paid admissions in addition to the RMMS volunteers and DPL staff and trustees.

Dealer Information

Show Hours: The Third Annual Rocky Mountain Antique Map Fair will be open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 20, 2003 in the conference center on the lower level of the Denver Public Library at 10 W. 14th Avenue, (13th Avenue & Broadway) in downtown Denver.

Set up time is on Friday September 19th, from Noon to 3:00 PM, and Saturday September 20th from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. During these times, access to the conference center is limited to registered dealers and volunteers/members of the Rocky Mountain Map Society.

Access to the loading dock is available to dealers during set up times.

Banquet Following the set up time on Friday evening, participants are invited to join Society members for drinks and dinner. We are planning a fine banquet dinner in a beautiful setting at the Brown Palace. Reservations will be required. At that time, author and Map Fair exhibitor Paul Cohen will give a short presentation concerning the mapping of the US west

Rocky Mountain map Society 1790 Hudson St. Denver CO 80220

Many choices in lodgings are available within easy walking distance of the Fair site. We will be reserving a block of rooms in the Downtown Comfort Inn at a discounted rate. The Comfort Inn is owned by and physically connected to the Brown Palace Hotel, the best known and possibly the finest hotel in Denver. Amenities of the Brown Palace are available to Comfort Inn guests. This hotel is about 3 blocks from the DPL.

Discounted reservations may be obtained by contacting them directly and mentioning the Map Fair:

Comfort Inn map
401 17th St
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: (866) 893-9696
Fax: (303) 297-0774
Email: CISales@brownpalace.com
Toll Free: (800) 237-7431
Reservation Fax: (303)312-5936

Security will be provided by the Denver Public Library and the Rocky Mountain Map Society during the show; however, responsibility for personal property and equipment will not be assumed by the Denver Public Library, the Rocky Mountain Map Society, or any of itís members or employees. Dealers must retain responsibility for their own property at all times.

To allow adequate individual booth space and easy access to all booths by the public, the number of exhibitors at the 2003 Map Fair will be limited to 20. Dealer spaces will be a multi table arrangement, approximately 8í x 12í. The DPL will not allow any tape or tacks to be used on their walls or tables; consequently there will be no wall space for display. There will be a partition, probably post & drape, behind each booth on which unframed maps can be hung. Table drapes will be provided by the Map Society to those who need them. Booth assignments will be based on the order in which exhibitors are confirmed, but all the spaces will have similar access and visibility. There are already more dealers interested in showing than can be accommodated, so you are urged to please confirm your request to exhibit as soon as possible. Booth rent is $350.00.

Refunds will be available for cancellations prior to 8/1, 2003 at the rate of 1/2 of funds deposited. Any refund after 8/1/03 will be at the discretion of the RMMS. If you have not yet sent a signed dealer agreement, please send it along as soon as possible.

Shipping your merchandise directly to and from the Denver Public Library will be an option. A separate signed agreement will need to be returned to the DPL in accordance with their requirements before anything is shipped. I will forward the necessary information to any dealer who requests it. If you plan to use the option of shipping directly to the DPL, please advise me.

We look forward to conducting another profitable and enjoyable event. We will make a major publicity effort both locally and internationally, but all participants are encouraged to publicize the event in any way they consider appropriate.

Please contact Myron West (see below) as soon as possible regarding your plans for hotel accommodations. At this point everything is very flexible, but we need to get an idea of the numbers right away.

All dealers should send Myron their firm names and addresses as they wish for them to appear in any promotional literature.

If I can answer any questions or address any other concerns, please feel free to contact me at farwesttc@sisna.com. or 307-638-2396 (home), 307-638-2222 (shop)

Thank You
Myron West
Exhibits Coordinator - Rocky Mountain Antique Map Fair

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Rocky Mountain Antique Map Fair 2002