Hotel bookings are to be made on a personal basis. Neither IMCoS nor the Organizing Committee will book rooms.

The Brown Palace and Comfort Inn Downtown Hotels are located adjacent to one another in the center of bustling downtown Denver, close to shops, restuarants, and public transportation facilities. But most important, the Hotels are central to all activities of the combined Map Fair and IMCoS Symposium. Whatever events won't take place inside the Hotels are either within easy walking distance or will be accessed by special tour buses, which will pick up and drop off guests at the Comfort Inn.

The Brown Palace is a fully modernized world-class four-star luxury hotel opened in 1892, just as Denver was emerging as the preeminent city within the recently settled Rocky Mountain Region. Accommodations and services are equal to the hotel's highly rated status and the architecture, appointments, and history associated with the Brown Palace are fascinating and unique.

The Brown Palace is connected by an enclosed overhead walkway with its sister hotel, the Comfort Inn Downtown, just across the street. The Comfort Inn is modernly updated, well appointed, comfortable and clean, in keeping with its close association with the Brown Palace.

For all these reasons, Map Fair and IMCoS Symposium guests cannot be more comfortably and conveniently served during the scheduled events than by accommodations at the Brown Palace or Comfort Inn Downtown Hotels.

The official Symposium hotel headquarters is the Comfort Inn/Brown Palace in downtown Denver. All program sessions are located either at the Denver Public Library or the Comfort Inn. Breakfast is not included. Comfort Inn IMCoS Rooms are priced at US$129 (single & double). Plus 13.45% tax.

Comfort Inn Downtown
401 17th St. , Denver, CO, US, 80202
Phone: (800) 237-7431 (US only)   (303) 296-0400
Fax: (303) 297-0774

The world famous Brown Palace Hotel, a four star hotel, is connected with a sky bridge to the Comfort Inn. IMCoS rooms are priced at US$180 (single & double). Plus 13.45% tax.

Brown Palace Hotel
321 17th St., Denver, CO, US, 80202
Phone: (800) 321-2599 (US only)   (303) 297-3111

The IMCoS special rate is not available via the Web sites. Reservations should be made by phone or e-mail. Please do not use the Web sites for reservations.

Participants in the Heart of the Rockies tour may wish to reserve a hotel room for the night of September 25th at either the Comfort Inn or the La Quinta Inn and Suites DIA, 6801 Tower Rd., Denver, Colorado 80249-6327 - Phone: (303) 371-0888 Fax: (303) 371-0807


Denver International Airport (DIA) is 24 miles from the hotels and travel time is approximately 40 minutes (minimum).

Bus service from DIA to the hotels is difficult to coordinate.

Taxis and private shuttle buses depart DIA on Level 5 (baggage claim level). Taxi fare is approximately US$50 per vehicle to Downtown Denver.

Super Shuttle (720) 374-4180 1 (800) BLUE VAN The ticket counter is on Level 5 (baggage claim level) Fares are US$18 per person (US$32 round trip). Service is available every 15 minutes between 7:15 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. After hours service is irregular. Call in advance.

Driving directions from the airport.

Participants in the Heart of the Rockies bus tour may choose to disembark at either the Downtown Comfort Inn, the La Quinta Inn and Suites DIA, or Denver International Airport itself upon return to Denver on Sunday, September 25th at about 6:30 p.m. Tour participants should not book flights departing Denver prior to 8:30 p.m.