Payment of the Registration Fee should be made in advance in U.S. Dollars. The Fee will be debited at the time of booking.

The Society would appreciate payment by check in US Dollars instead of by credit card. (We have to pay a fee of 2.9% for credit card services.)

** Check Personal or corporate in US Dollars

Make check to:  RMMS

Mail WITH Registration Form and Fees Worksheet. (see below)

** Credit Card (Sorry, no American Express or Diners Club.)

CIRCLE ONE:      VISA or MasterCard

Name on Card:

Card number:

Expiry Date:

I authorize the Rocky Mountain Map Society to withdraw from my credit card the amount of US$


** PayPal payments may be sent to Don McGuirk.

Please also mail the Registration Form and Fees Worksheet. (see below)

** Bank Transfer before May 31, 2005 to Rocky Mountain Map Society Account at the Mountain States Bank.

Account of Rocky Mountain Map Society, Number 1297324. Mountain States Bank, Denver Colorado, ABA# 102000937 The payment must be made in US Dollars. Name of Participant must be shown on the Bank Advice Note, and a copy of the payment affixed to the registration form.

Please mail the Registration Form, Fees Worksheet and Payment Form to:

Rocky Mountain Map Society
1011 S. Valentia St. #32
Denver, CO, 80247 USA

Fax 1 (303) 695-7705

Cancellation policy: Refunds (minus US$30 administrative charge) may be applied for in writing to Rocky Mountain Map Society until August 1, 2005. For cancellations received after August 1, no refund can be made. Refunds will be settled after the Symposium.